Computer Lab

The CST Computer Lab offers six stations with desktop computers as well as seven spaces for students to bring their own laptops to work. The desktop computers are equipped with BibleWorks and Microsoft Office (including Word and PowerPoint).


CST’s printing service is operated by Papercut. You will need to use one of the desktop computers the first time you log in. Your username will be the first part of your CST email address, all in lowercase, as follows:


Your default Papercut password is your student ID number. You can reset your password to something more memorable to you when you have logged in.

Each student is allotted $150.00 to their printing account at the beginning of each semester for which they are enrolled in classes. As of August 2015, print prices are as follows:

Black: $0.05 per side

Color: $0.10 per side

All prints are final. No refunds will be made to accounts for printing errors unless it is due to the printer malfunctioning. Please be sure to confirm that your print settings are accurate to your needs before printing.

Mobile Printing

You can now use mobile printing to print directly to the CST Computer Lab printer from your personal computer, as long as you are using Google Chrome as a browser, or from your mobile device.

From your computer and using the Google Chrome browser, sign in to your CST email account and click the following link (or copy and paste it in your browser URL bar):

The text should state, “After adding this printer for [YOUR CST EMAIL ADDRESS], you'll be able to use Google Cloud Print to print to this printer from your PC or mobile device.”

Click “Add printer.”

You should receive confirmation in a yellow box toward the top of the screen saying that CSTLAB-Inside was added.

You should now be able to print from your device using Google Cloud Print. (Your Papercut account will still be charged as usual.) You can print from Google Chrome directly from a website by ensuring that the printer “CSTLAB-Inside” is selected under “Destination” in the Print dialogue window. This can be done by clicking “Change” next to “Destination” and choosing “CSTLAB-Inside” from under “Google Cloud Print” in the list of available Destinations. If you do not see this printer, look at the top of the Destinations popup and make sure that your CST email address is showing next to “Showing destinations for.”

You can also upload documents to print by going to Select “Print” and then “Upload file to print” from the dropdown menu.

On your Android device, enable Google Cloud Print. Signed in to your CST email account, click the following link:

Click “Add printer.”

As long as your device has access to a document, you should now be able to print from your phone. (For example, if the document is saved on your laptop but you cannot access it on your phone, you will not be able to print it from your phone. A document may be saved to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, from which you can access it on your phone, and then you can print the document.)

From a Google app, such as Gmail or Docs, click the Menu button (three vertical dots in the top right corner) and then select “Print.” Be sure that “CSTLAB-Inside” is selected as the printer. (This can be selected at the top of the Print dialogue window that pops up when you click “Print.” It may initially read as “Save as PDF” or “Save to Google Drive.”) You can choose your color and copy number preferences as you can if you were to print from a computer.

From an iPhone, you can print from a Google Chrome browser or from Google Drive.

Depending on your electronic device, you may need to download a compatible app. Refer to this site for more information:

Resetting Passwords

CST Email

Students are now able to reset their own passwords for their CST email address. You will need to associate your CST email address with either a phone number or another email address. In order to do this, please make sure you are logged in to your CST email account and click the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser URL bar):

Follow the instructions provided to add a recovery email or phone number. In the event that you forget your password, information to reset your password and access your account will be sent to either your recovery email address or phone. If you have not listed secondary contact information to your CST email account and need your password reset, please create a Help Ticket at for one of our technicians to assist you.


To reset your Sakai password, click “Forgot password?” on the left side of the CST Sakai homepage. Enter your CST email address as prompted and your password will be sent to your email.

Student Portal

To reset your Student Portal password, click the tab labeled “Forgotten Password.” Enter your CST email address and either your student ID number or your date of birth as prompted. Your username and password will be sent to your email.