The Media Gallery tool allows video, photo, and audio files to be uploaded, published, and shared within Sakai course sites. Both instructors and students (when permitted by their instructor) may use this tool to bring rich media content to the learning process. This tool is powered by the Kaltura open source video operating system. 


This tool must be added by an instructor or teaching assistant to each new course site (Site Info > Edit Tools). 

File Size Limitation

The Media Gallery generally accepts files that are no larger than 2.0 GB (2000 MB). 

However, you may find uploading of files greater than 1.0 GB to be challenging, especially if your network connection speed is slow to moderate. In this case compress your file prior to uploading it to the Media Gallery. A variety of software is available to compress media files. Handbrake (https://handbrake.fr/) is a commonly used option.